Rethinking the History of Nationalism: a Transnational Approach

A Workshop in Florence, 16-17th May 2019

Deadline for registrations: 5 April 2019

Nationalism is rarely far from our minds and has proved remarkably durable as an ideology.  Rethinking the History of Nationalism: a Transnational Approach will be a chance for junior scholars to exchange ideas with fellow postgraduates and senior Faculty.  Postgraduate research students are invited to apply to give either original research-based papers or to reflect on the methodological and/or empirical challenges of writing about nationalism in Florence in May 2019.  Florence is the ideal venue for a workshop on transnational approaches to nationalist history because of the relationship between the Renaissance (as a transnational phenomenon) and the importance of Tuscany in the long process of Italian unification. 

Giuseppe Garibaldi Monument in Florence

Giuseppe Garibaldi Monument in Florence

The two day event will be divided into themed panels with ample time for reflection and discussion about Nationalism Studies.  We also plan to record the training sessions for dissemination online.  On the first day, we will look at distinct geographical regions, the issue of borders and growth of ideologies such as patriotism.  On the second day, we will think about language, communication and new media.  In the afternoon, our local host Professor Rolando Minuti and his team will give the participants an extended introduction to the city and its culture.  

The workshop organizers Professors Matthew D'Auria, Cathie Carmichael and Aviel Roshwald will talk in some depth about the challenges editing the Cambridge History of Nationhood and Nationalism as well as their own recent work.  A representative from Yale University Press will give a presentation on the publishing in the humanities and social sciences. Priority will be given to CHASE-funded students but other registered postgraduate research students are welcome to apply. 

Interested postgraduates should write a brief proposal (up to 500 words) outlining their reasons for wanting to participate in the registration form below.

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