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The Writing for Practice Forum is based in the Mountain of Art Research (MARs) at Goldsmiths College, and is organised by artists and researchers Kate Pickering and Rowena Harris. The forum is a peer led discursive space to gain valuable feedback on imaginative or experimental approaches with text-based material. It is open to all researchers within Goldsmiths, other CHASE institutions and beyond as either presenting writers or discussion participants and requires no prior knowledge or preparation, other than an interest in developing a deeper understanding of writing as part of practice based research.

Writing for Practice Forum # 9
Presenting writer:
Erica Scourti (Goldsmiths)
Respondent: Georgina Colby
Thursday 3rd October 2019 | 7-9pm

Artist, writer and PhD researcher (Goldsmiths) Erica Scourti will present an excerpt of a recent performance which draws on transcripts of video diaries, a text based on the same material, alongside an excerpt from a selected author, which will be announced soon. Dr. Georgina Colby, Senior Lecturer in English and the Course Leader for the MA in English Literature at the University of Westminster, joins us in discussion.

Link to texts will be available shortly

Erica Scourti is an artist and writer, born in Athens and now based in London and Athens. Embracing contingency, humour and lo-fi media, her work explores autobiographical writing and bodily inscription in the performance and representation of subjectivity. Solo shows include Chief Complaint at Almanac, London and Spill Sections at StudioRCA (both 2018); group shows include the High Line, New York, Wellcome Collection, Kunsthalle Wien, Hayward Gallery, EMST Athens. Her writing has been published in Spells (Ignota Press, 2018) and Fiction as Method (Sternberg, 2017) and she is guest editor of the Happy Hypocrite journal (2019). – ericascourti.com

Georgina Colby is the author of Kathy Acker: Writing the Impossible (Edinburgh University Press, 2016), the editor of Reading Experimental Writing (Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming 2020), and has published widely in the field of modern and contemporary avant-garde writing and feminisms. She leads the BA/Leverhulme project Feminist Representations and is the Founder and Director of S A L O N - LONDON. She is Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Westminster. – https://westminsterresearch.westminster.ac.uk/researcher/88670

Writing for Practice Forum # 10
Presenting writer:
Ciarán Ó Dochartaigh (Goldsmiths)
Respondent: Marion Coutts
Monday 28th October 2019 | 7-9pm

Artist and PhD researcher (Goldsmiths) Ciarán Ó Dochartaigh presents some excerpts of texts that address issues of post conflict/ intergenerational trauma and carceral conditioning. The texts reference a horse whisperer, her approach to communing with animals and how kinship might be applied to trauma, post-conflict, post-colonial legacy in Ireland. Artist, writer and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art (Goldsmiths) Marion Coutts joins us in discussion.

Link to texts will be available shortly

Ciarán Ó Dochartaigh is an interdisciplinary visual artist with an interest in materiality, in particular the intersections between material and immaterial processes. Ciarán is a PhD researcher in the art department at Goldsmiths. His research explores complexities inherent within post conflict trauma and is interested in intergenerational trauma and how it manifests. As part of his research Ó Dochartaigh has an ongoing research relationship with a family of donkeys and African land snails, exploring interspecies relationships and kinship. – http://www.ciaranodochartaigh.org/

Marion Coutts is an artist and writer. She works with a range of material forms: sculpture, digital video, drawing and photography. Her practice is concerned with the physicality of the image; artwork and personal encounter; slippage and loss. Her first book, The Iceberg won the Wellcome Book Prize, 2015. She is currently a Senior Lecturer on BA Fine Art and History of Art at Goldsmiths. She has held solo exhibitions at Tintype, London: Yorkshire Sculpture Park; Chisenhale Gallery, London; Angel Row, Nottingham; Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool; The Wellcome Collection, London; Project Gallery, Dublin and Foksal Gallery, Warsaw. Other venues that have hosted her work include Helsinki Kunsthalle: RIBA, London; Whitstable Biennial; Gasworks, London and Arnolfini, Bristol. In 2011 her practice shifted to include writing. The Iceberg is an account of a family unit under assault: an investigation into time, language, belonging and the nature of embodiment. The Iceberg was published in the UK in 2014, the US in 2016 and mainland China in 2017.


Writing for Practice Forum # 11
Presenting writer:
Debbie Kent (Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths)
Respondent: tbc
Monday 25th November 2019 | 7-9pm

Artist and PhD researcher (Goldsmiths) Debbie Kent will present text, sound and video from an audio walk in progress, exploring the landscapes and soundscapes of east London Docklands. Artist and researcher in Visual Cultures (Goldsmiths) Peter Ainsworth joins us in discussion.

Link to texts will be available shortly

Debbie Kent: I work with sound, cities and walking. I'm currently making a set of audio walks tracking transformations in the urban soundscape for a practise-based PhD in the Visual Cultures department. I work with the spontaneous and transient; with disassembling language and retrieving detritus from the cracks in the everyday. In the past I've exchanged words from Bruce Springsteen lyrics with members of the public, reassembled news stories using only the conjunctions and articles, and read from the writings of George Perec after putting the pages through a shredder. Recently I have been working in collaboration with Russian artist Alisa Oleva as the Demolition Project, making work that explores ways of reimagining the city and our relationship with it, in London, Berlin, Belgrade, Vilnius, Ekaterinburg and Moscow. – dejakay.co.uk (live from 16.9.19)

Peter Ainsworth is a Senior Lecturer in Photography at LCC, UAL and undertaking a PhD in the department of Visual Culture at Goldsmiths. His work as an artist and researcher engages with new forms of the photographic - and particularly with ideas of where and how the image may be expanding through new technological processes. – https://www.peterainsworth.net/

Prior to each forum, the presenting writer chooses an excerpt of their own writing, alongside another short text by a related author as a frame of reference for the discussion. The researcher has the opportunity to invite a guest respondent to participate in the forum. Texts are available online beforehand, but pre-reading is not mandatory; we read the texts aloud at the beginning of the discussion. Researchers can attend as many or as few of the forums as their commitments allow, but are required to sign up for the session in advance.

If you would be interested in sharing your writing with us at a future forum, please get in touch with Kate Pickering kpick050@gold.ac.uk or Rowena Harris R.Harris@gold.ac.uk

Forum documentation, including the selected texts and a synopsis of the discussion will be made available after each session at: http://m-a-r-s.online/gatherings.

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